A fun little extra every week is your chance to win the 50/50!  To be eligible, you must be registered with the parish and have a current family ID number (even if you don’t use envelopes).  Both your 50/50 ($5.00) and your weekly collection donation (no limit, but at least $5.00) with separate payments must be in the parish office by 9:00 a.m. Monday.  If you pay by check, please write two separate checks.  OR you may play by making your donations online at Give Central.  Again, you must contribute at least $5.00 in weekly giving along with your $5.00 50/50 entry in order to be eligible to win half of the current pot.  At this time, we still have separate 50/50 contests running at each of our worship sites, St. Ann and St. James.  Wherever you make your donation, it will be added to that pot.

St. Ann 50/50

Our May 15 Winner number was #1155!     #1155 would have won $1,069.00 if it had played.


St. James 50/50

Our May 15 winning number was #433!     #433 would have won $1,664.50 if it had played!